Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Kreinik threads Riikka's way

Hi there! Riikka here today to share a few projects with you!

The team got some Kreinik threads a while ago and you've already seen some fantastic inspiration about using them in scrapbooking. I got a sampler of the threads Kreinik has to offer, too and felt really inspired with the different types of thread. To me thread adds that a little extra something to a layout. It can be just a fun detail, but also bring some softness and irregularity to a creation.

For these projects I tried to use the threads in different ways to show how a small thing that most of us have in our homes can be transformed into lovely details. 

For this first layout I used Kreinik metallic threads. They are really wonderful, glimmering threads that have some bulk in them. 

First of all I coated two chipboard circles with the metallic threads. It took me a while to wrap the thread around the shape, but I think the end result is worth the trouble! The shiny thread creates a lovely embellishment and vocal point and as the thread is a bit thicker than your normal sewing thread it doesn't take ages to cover the chippie.

I also used the same threads to make a friendship bracelet style ribbon with a chevron design. You can find instructions to do one over at the internet. And lastly I added a piece of thread just on top of the circular frames and attached it with a stapler.

Here's my second project with the threads. For this one I used the Iron-On Threads together with metallics and even silk. I normally use just plain polyester thread in my creations, but do actually have a red silk thread in use, too. I love how silk is so soft and airy! The material really makes a difference in the way the thread works - even if it's for papercraft!

I made the flowers using the Iron-On Threads and formed the thread into shapes between two sheets of baking paper. The thread was really easy to use and shape and lifted up from the baking paper easily. There's just so much you could do with this thread! You could create doily-like shapes with it and have them hovering on top of the page like these airy flowers. The thread keeps its shape really well. To give the page some extra softness I used both the metallic and silk thread underneath the flowers.

My third layout was inspired by the one and only Louise Nelson. She's really a wizard of using thread in her creations! 

In this piece I kept the layers under the photo minimal and added metallic and silk thread underneath the photo. I glued the thread down really loosely so it would keep its flow and softness. It gives a playful look for the layout.

Thank you so much for taking a look today! I hope you feel inspired to try threads in your next creation!


  1. Gosh these layouts are scrummy. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Sublime work, as always my lovely Riikka. Just adore all the plaiting :) You have showcased the threads exquisitely, thank you xx

  3. Fabulous! Especially love those flowers! I don't think I'd have the patience for the wrapping up the circles.....but that end result is amazing!!!

  4. Lovely work! Where can I buy the beautiful flair you used on the last layout Riikka?

    1. Hi Laura! The flair is from UmWowStudio and I got mine from 7 Dots Studio shop. :)

  5. Thank you all for your kind words <3