Friday, 7 October 2011

Hello from the Ed

Hello peeps,
I don't think I introduced myself on the blog yet, although you've met the DT you've not met me! I'm the Editor of Scrap365 (and also of Craft Stamper), I've been scrapping for about 6 or 7 years. Although I do love to rubber stamp, scrapbooking was my first crafty love (though I dabbled in many others previously).

So I thought I'd share a little scrappy project with you today. (Please excuse the crappy late night iPhone photo!)

It's a travel journal I made for my latest trip to Orlando. At the moment there are no photos inside but the pages are full of journaling in my own scruffy hand and the envelope pockets are stuffed with leaflets, ticket stubs and more: mementos of our holiday. The papers are Echo Park Happy Days - love them!

This project kind of shows my style of scrapping - pretty much clean and simple. It has to be said that I have a perverse way of bucking the usual trends! While everyone else is using as many embellies as they can fit on a page, I am paring it down to the basics. Obviously this project had to be flat for transporting to and fro so it's just paper and stickers. What this project doesn't show is that I usually love to use inks and stamps on my pages, combining my love of stamping with scrapping.

I live in Malvern (where the magazine's publishers Traplet are based) with my partner and very spoiled pet pooch (subject of most of my scrap pages). I am obsessed with Disney (subject of the rest of my scrap pages!), I collect Dutch ceramics, and I love to read crime books.

I am very excited about Scrap365! I've worked hard to find contributors I personally find inspiring, and I hope you will too :).

Katy x


  1. this is gorgeous! You actually took it with you? wow that is so organised!!!!!

  2. Yep I made it in advance and everything - believe me, am impressed as you are! Even went to Walgreens to get photo prints but didn't get any time to so anything beyond the journaling (about an hour a day) as our days were too packed with fun stuff. I make a travel journal for every holiday but this is my most detailed one (at first I just took a basic A5 notebook). Will show the inside once there is a photo or two in place (the pages are pre-prepped, albeit basic ones, ready for the images and voila, ready made scrapbook).

  3. Amazing stuff! One day I hope to be that organised. :)
    Love Craft Stamper and it's wonderful to have a new scrap magazine appearing.

  4. Looks like a lovely book. Loving the colours of the Echo park papers. Can't wait to see the magazine. Thanks for sharing and have a fab day. Angela

  5. I love that style but I find it impossible to create like that myself. Is it November 18th yet? ;-)

  6. Your book looks gorgeous and how organised were you! Really looking forward to the first edition of the mag, roll on November!!

  7. Looks brilliant! Lovely to hear more about you - agree with on crime books especially!

  8. I hope the new magazine will also reflect your style of scrapping because it's my style too. I hope everything goes well for the new magazine.