Wednesday, 29 October 2014

WINNER WINNER - WOW! Embossing Powders

We have our lucky winner :)

Congratulations to HANNAH!!

I am also lucky enough to live close to Marion's shop, and she is the one who inspires me. I love looking through her examples for inspiration. I also enjoy finding ideas on Pintrest.

Thank you for the chance to win, Hannah x

Please email me at to claim your gorgeous prize Hannah.

Thank you to everyone who left a comment; you still have time to be in the draw for the Creative Embellishments gift and a few hours to go into the draw for Birgit's Carabelle

Good luck! 

Ali (Ed) x 

Pockets With Pizazz- Jaine Drake

Hello there, happy Wednesday and welcome to another Pockets with Pizazz feature. It's Jaine taking over the blog today with one of my Project Life pages.

I started at the beginning of January this year, having resisted it for so long but having said that, it grabbed me immediately. Not a massive fan of creating big 12 x 12 layouts, the smaller format cards were much less intimidating, plus having been an ATC fan for so long it seemed quite natural to work with the small cards.

From the very start I knew I wanted to do a page a week, a big task, and I kept it up right up to the summer when I imagined I'd get loads of time to create I actually got zero!! So I'm at week 30 which isn't too bad on the whole.

If I have enough time, I'll have a go at making my own cards. I have a box of bought cards ready for when I just want to throw a page together or lack inspiration, which happens....often!  Anyway, this is the way I do it.

For this layout, I've taken a sheet of watercolour paper and given it a wash of paint. It could be spray or acrylic paint but today I was going for the watercolour look.

I've recently found this Becky Higgins die set which is perfect for people who want to make their own cards.

Once it's cut up it looks so much better and starts looking like PL cards.

I start with my title card which is the week and date stamp and this one usually sets the tone for the rest of the layout.

Even though PL pages are usually colourful and eclectic, I have to have some consistency throughout the page and using the same pieces of paper or washi tape brings the page together nicely.

 As you can see here I've used the same tape and papers to keep the theme going.

Even the little heart is cut from a piece of card covered in the washi tape to keep some balance,

and just a little bit under the days here continue the colour down the page.

I hope you enjoyed this look into my PL album.

Have a good day

Jaine x

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Product Review: Creative Embellishments with Terhi

Hello all! 
It's Terhi here and I'm introducing Creative Embellishments chipboards to you we may just have a little something for you to on!!! 

Creative Embellishments is a family owned company from the USA. They create and sell chipboards, wood veneers, flair buttons and rubber stamps. Their main vision is to offer premium quality products with a great price and with excellent customer service.

I think they are exceeding in this vision; let me tell you why!

When I received my first package full of Creative Embellishments goodies my heart almost stopped! I mean that with every product I pulled out each one was more beautiful and inspiring than the one before!!!
I do like their own colour, it's dark brown kraft, but I prefer to alter it and these really can take it. On the layout above, I used Lucky in Love-chipboards and Photo or page corners Set 1, and painted them with a silvery paint and covered with glitter.

I love to paint my chippies, but even more I love to use embossing powders. Next three layouts are all made with this favourite technique.

See what I mean? These chipboards really will take anything? They are AMAZING to work with!

And now, as promised, I have got something for you! One lucky winner will receive this gift certificate worth $20 to spend in the Creative Embellishments store! How cool is that!?

All you need to do is leave a comment and we will choose a winner next Tuesday :) Good luck!
You can find all those delicious chippies, stamps and everything from:

For more inspiration, please visit:

Happy scrapping,

Monday, 27 October 2014

HAPPY MONDAY Craft Space - Marsha

Hi there! It's Marsha here and today I'm going to give you a tour of my craft space!

I started scrapping at this table more than ten years ago. The table was in my living room back then and it was just our dining table. All my scrapbooking supplies fitted into a plastic container that was moved into a cabinet when I was done scrapping.

The situation lasted about three years and by 2006 I was ready to move into a corner of our attic. There was no heating there, but there was room for a desk and even better: enough space to house all the supplies and tools I had collected. I was scrapbooking right next to my washer and dryer, which of course meant that I always managed to stay on top of the laundry!

We had a separate room that we called the study, which was where we kept our desktop PC. I started to spend more and more time in there, to edit and print photos, type journaling and to check out the online scrapbooking forums.

My scrapbooking stuff was on the other hand spilling over to the rest of the attic... I clearly needed more room and the thought of central heating was kind of appealing too. So about two years later we moved my scrapbooking corner into the study.

Fast-forward to the current situation:

I have somehow managed to get rid of all the home office stuff in here. We no longer own a desktop PC, which makes things a lot more flexible!

My old dining table got replaced and found a new home in my craft space. My husband elongated the legs because I like to stand while creating.

The table recently moved to the centre of the room. I'm slowly trying to minimize the amount of stuff that is stored on these shelves.

It's where you can find my packaging materials, pencils, crayons, punches and bigger tools, photo gear, 6x6 paper pads, canvases, printed photos, die-cuts, embellishments, tags, chipboard, envelopes, coloured cardstock, memorabilia, printer paper, photo paper and sewing materials...

On the other side of the chimney is an Expedit:

This is where I keep magazines, works in progress and... even more memorabilia:

My memorabilia hoarding habit is a problem that honestly needs to be fixed!

I have made progress in sorting it all out and now I need to do something with it. Some of it is tied to the works in progress, some of it is tied to potential projects, other stuff I keep for nostalgic or emotional reasons.

I have promised myself that this is it. I have to finish a project or decide to chuck things out before I can accumulate any more. I also need to decide what to do about the potential projects. Use it or lose it... That's the question!

I know you can hardly see it here, but left of the Expedit sits a vintage record case. I keep my entire collection of 12x12 white, kraft and black cardstock and patterned paper in that record case!

On the opposite side of the table is another Expedit, that functions as more of a mixed media station:

Most of my inks, adhesives, special paints, pan pastels, embossing powders, watercolour mediums, washi tape, pens and markers are in those drawers, but you can also find roller and alphabet stamps, enamel dots and wood veneer in there.

This Expedit houses collage material, acrylic paint, spray inks, stencils, UTEE, clay, mediums, clear stamps and... my waste paper bin:

And last but certainly not least, there is a wine box on the window sill that contains my essential tools:

Here I can reach for my paint brushes, attacher, several pairs of scissors, hole pokers, craft knives, palette knives, foam brushes, several rulers, craft sheets, baby wipes, spray bottle with water and a bottle of rubbing alcohol.

I love that this is a moveable feast: I can take out what I need, or I can just move the whole box to the worktable if needed.

I spend a lot of time in this room. This is where I paint (and splatter), cut, paste and sew. It's also the place where I do my photo editing, writing and other computer work. It's my room, I don't have to share it with anyone else and I can leave unfinished projects out on the table if I want to.

I assure you that it isn't always this tidy. I tend to pull out all kinds of stuff while creating. But I do try to put everything back once a project is finished. Having a place for everything really does help a lot and I consider myself very lucky to have a space like this!

That it. That concludes the tour of my room. I hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you a lovely week!


Saturday, 25 October 2014

Jennifer Grace - Layout Process Video

Lucky us! 

Jennifer is indulging our love of watching her create :)

Enjoy the process of her Sketch Challenge layout.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Terhi's November Sketch - a video tutorial

Are you a sucker for tutorial videos too? Then come and join me as we sigh over Terhi's incredible talent!

Enjoy :) 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

"Gypsy Moments"

Hello there! Here's Riikka showing you a couple of projects I made with the 7Gypsies new "Gypsy Moments" collection. The collection is romantic, soft and full of fun details. The patterns are delicate flowers and also old papers, colors are a bit dusty and the atmosphere is from a grandmother's house. But the main idea behind the collection is collecting and documenting those fleeting moments in life. So whether you are a scrapbooker, cardmaker or doing Project Life, this collection has something to offer! 

The collection has different kinds of tags, folders and cards to make it easy for you to capture those little moments that count. But it's not only about paper! There's also two sizes of lovely little crates in the collection. They come in three colors. Those can be used in a variety of ways - like collecting ephemera, displaying photos, storing minialbums or even holding scrapbooking supplies.

I got two crates to play with - one bigger in white and the smaller in stained wood. The bigger crate I'm going to use to store some of my crafting supplies. It's just the right size - fits my table easily but is still big enough to actually store something. As the crate is made of slats, I'm able to see even what's underneath the top layer of products! 

I decorated that crate really simply with a few tags and a canvas shape. The little tags are from the "Gypsy Moments" collection and I decorated them with stamping and also a few embellishments. Then I gathered all the tags together in a binding ring and then attached the ring around the handle of the crate. Quick and easy! Think about the possibilities when gifts are concerned! Like filling the crate with some home made cookies and attaching the card with a binding ring.

The smaller crate I got is going to store some of my swapped ATCs. I've been thinking how to have them at hand to browse through, but still nicely in one place. The little crate is perfect for this!

I love to use different mediums in my ATCs and that together with the dark color of the crate inspired me to decorate the crate using mixed media. First I added some ephemera to the side of the crate using gel medium and the colored the embellishments with Tattered Angels High Impact paints. 

But enough about the crates - I did something using the papers, too! As the collection doesn't hold any 12x12" sized printed papers, I needed to do something other than my regular scrapbooking page. I've done a Project Life album once back in the day, but it isn't my cup of tea. But if you do Project Life, I think the little tags and cards would make a fun addition to the pages! There's doodle sheets, recipe cards and tags to document the day or even an idea. But what the collection has besides those little tags and card are the File Folders. They come in two sizes, 4x6" and ATC. Those bigger File Folders make a great base for a minialbum so I made a travel album using the Folders.

Like I said before "Gypsy Moments" is all about moments, so I collected a few special ones from a trip to Paris to this mini. The trip I made together with my friend Marsha earlier this year to the capital and Version Scrap event there. I have made a travel album from the trip earlier but this album was just about those moments that made this particular visit to the capital of France so memorable.

For the base of the album I used the File Folders cut in half. This way the pages open more with the binding rings and I could mix the patterns of the folders across the album. Binding rings also allow me to add some dimension to the album, so I could use metal embellishments and foam squares in the making of the piece. Inside the album I used the tags and cards but also the smaller File Folders to hide the journaling and even an extra photo.

If you want to see how the finished album looks like, please watch the video underneath! It shows me leafing through the finished album and showing some of the journaling tags and files.

I also used the ATC sized File Folders for a craft of their own and turned them into ATCs. First I cut the folders in half and trimmed them to the 2½" x 3½" size. Even though this size isn't a must, I somehow always do my ATCs using those measurements. On top of the background piece I then layered two tags from the "Gypsy Moments" collection on top of each other. 

The words in the cards are made using a word stamps by Unity Stamp. I fist stamped the words with Versamark to a piece of "Gypsy Moments" paper and embossed it with clear powder. Then I colored the piece. The clear embossing created a resist so the word stayed in it's original color and the area around it was toned with the primary I chose to use. I then cut the word out and finally traced around the letters with a sharp black felt pen. Lastly I added some more painty touches with Tattered Angels media.

I hope I have inspired you to browse through the "Gypsy Moments" collection and think what you could do with it! Thank you for your visit, I hope to see you again!

Supplies used in these projects from Canvas Corp brands: